Recommended Suppliers:

Supply List for Pastel Classes

Vine Charcoal

Several pieces

Pastel Paper

Any of the following, plain or sanded:

Art Spectrum Colorfix

Canson Mi-Tientes, or Wallis

Buy large sheets of neutral colors (gray, beige, etc.) that can later be cut to size.

Brush cleanerEither Odorless Turpenoid or Gamsol Brush cleaner  Make sure your cleaner is odorless.

For mounting pastel paper and using on your easel

Masking TapeNot the blue painter's tape
Cleaning clothsViva papertowel and an old washcloth
Hard Pastels
Nu-pastels, at least a set of 12 or 24. The large set is better.
Soft PastelsRembrandt, Windsor Newton, Unison, Sennelier (or the soft pastels you already have). Get a set with at least 30 colors. 

Please bring the following basic items with you to your first pastel class:

Pastel Class - Supply List


Utrecht Art

Blick Art Materials

Jerry's Artarama


Dick Blick Art Supplies

905 Howe Avenue
Sacramento, CA 95825
(916) 641-6400

University Art
2601 J St
Sacramento, CA
(916) 443-5721