No refunds for missed lessons.

Please note, you are paying to reserve a spot in class for the whole semester. 

Make-Up Classes:

Make up classes will generally NOT be available due to very full classes. 

NO credit or refunds for unused classes.

Welcome to the magical world of art and creativity and Brenda Williams Studio! We want you to have a wonderful experience, as well as the opportunity to fall in love with art and your own creativity! We ask that you help us by following these policies to keep students safe, classes fun and in order, and to keep everyone happy!


After 60 days, any lost, found or created items (including abandoned pottery) will be disposed of without notice. If it's yours and you like it, take it home. :-)

Brenda Williams Studio is not responsible for any damages during the drying, firing or handling process for any reason.



DROP OFF: We love to start class on time with tea and refreshments as this gives us time to talk about the day’s lesson and other important clay stuff. When one or more students are tardy, it delays us from getting to the good stuff! Please make sure your child arrives on time.
Please do not arrive more than 10 minutes early for class as this is valuable preparation time for the teacher.

PICK UP: Please pick up your children right on time. With back-to-back classes, it is vital that I start preparing for the next class as soon as the previous class ends. 



​Please let me know in advance if you or your child will be absent from class so that we can get teatime and class started on time.