We offer  afternoon Ceramics lessons for  children ages 7 and up. Classes start with a quick snack and a cup of tea. During this time we discuss the techniques we will be tackling during class and which projects the students are interested in starting.  After that, we jump right into having fun making things. Classes are semi-private with only 4-6 students (depending on students' ability to work independently) in any class and as students gain mastery over various techniques, they are encouraged to plan and work on individual projects.

$25 per 2-hour lesson includes all instruction, materials, clay, glazes  and firings.

Adult Ceramics lessons are for all ages 16 and up.  Sessions are 2 hours long. Fees include all instruction,  materials such as clay and glazes as well as firing. Come have fun and discover your inner artist!

$25 for a 2 hour session

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Lessons for children 

Lessons for Adults 

Come and learn the many ways of working with clay! Small semi-private classes of 4-6  students (depending on experience and  ability to work independently) allows for personalized instruction. Once the basics are learned, students can work on individual projects with the help and guidance of the instructor. 

Classes are relaxed and fun. No pressure or judgment, just the joy of creating in a supportive atmosphere. Various techniques are covered, including hand-building, slab work, and wheel throwing . Students will also learn about finishing, glazing and firing pieces they have made. All materials are provided, including the clay and glazes. 

Class size is limited  - call or email to reserve your spot.

Ceramics Lessons